i majored in slamjams dont test me
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im pretty sure in baroque we didnt beat the “final boss” the intended way

i hid in a corner and attacked through a wall with a weapon that clipped and spammed bones at any enemy who walked near

im still watching vinny play awakening and it amuses me to no end


"We need you to draw Naruto for the Naruto 10th Anniversary."

Hirohiko Araki: Aight


Hirohiko Araki: Okay so far so good… Just gotta make sure I don’t–


Hirohiko Araki: Fuck it lmao

me and my sister actually played through baroque together and honestly it was a grand bonding experience where we didnt stop throwing bones at things until we beat the game

The tumblr app sure does use a lot of data for something that doesn’t load pictures
puu-riin said: BRUH you can totally borrow Baroque again then since I ripped the iso to my external hard drive. I don't need the disc to play it.


hit me up with that on monday id love to play through baroque again

Track: Shock Your Soul
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Remix of Redmongoose’s remix of Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Download link here!


i intended to draw a bunch of artamos for the bg but then lazy 

i love tosatsu-hime

ive vowed not to allow myself to get stressed out over school if its unnecessary to do so

this is my plan

im honestly not even sure if the physics teacher guy got my message because its via a service that crashes every 2 minutes


and the textbook keeps breaking too so i guess i’ll try to do it again tomorrow….

honestly my online physics is the most volatile thing known to man

it crashes at a moments notice