i majored in slamjams dont test me
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warning this post is really spooky and not for the feint of heart





explain yourself nintendo


i try so hard to play metroid prime
i try so hard but it makes me nauseous every time

i cant hold out

my weakness compels me

i must sleep, for my tired levels have increased

I'm bored. Send me a Tarot Card
The Fool: Tell an embarrassing story.
The Magician: Do you have a special talent?
The High Priestess: Are you good at keeping secrets?
The Empress: What do you desire most?
The Emperor: Do you have any family traditions?
The Hierophant: What is/was your favourite school subject?
The Lovers: What qualities would your ideal partner have?
The Chariot: Have you ever had to fight for something?
Strength: What gives you strength?
The Hermit: Could you cope with living alone?
Wheel of Fortune: If you won a million pounds, what would you do with it?
Justice: If you could be a super hero (or villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?
The Hanged Man: Would you sacrifice your own life to save someone else's?
Death: If you were able to reincarnate, what would your next life be?
Temperance: Do you have good self control?
The Devil: What do you think your worst quality is?
The Tower: Describe your dream home.
The Star: What inspires you?
The Moon: Describe a dream (or nightmare) you've had recently.
The Sun: Describe a childhood memory.
Judgement: Have you ever done something that you were really ashamed of?
The World: What country would you most like to visit?



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